Feb. 27th, 2009

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I heard Jackson Brown singing "The Pretender" on the radio this week. Although Brown wrote the song, I don't care for his version. I'm not crazy about his voice. I prefer Gary US Bond's version off of Dedication, a Bruce Springsteen and Little Steven Van Zandt produced album from the early 80's. Bond delivers the lyrics with passion, and the backing by members of the E Street Band is superb. Springsteen's vocal can be heard on several tracks, and the great Ben E. King and Chuck Jackson provide backup vocals on "Your Love."  "Daddy's Come Home" is a fantastic song with lyrics by VanZandt and a soulful performance by Bonds. The lyrics suited the mood of the troubled early 80s, but are even more relevant now. There's even a decent version of the Beatles' "It's Only Love."

On the Line, another Springsteen and Van Zandt produced album, was Bond's next album. It didn't sell as well, but got better reviews. Chuck Jackson can be heard  on "Club Soul City."  Once again, Springsteen, Van Zandt, Clarence Clemmons, and Roy Bittan provide their services. "Out of Work" was practically the anthem for the early 80s and would suffice for 2009.

If you buy the 2 albums combined on one CD, the last track on On the Line , "Last Time," is dropped in order to fit the albums onto one disc. It's a very somber song, but I like it. Dinosaur that I am, I have both albums on vinyl.



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