Apr. 11th, 2009

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There is a R&B/ Doo-Wop version of "I Gave My Love a Cherry" by Jimmy Williams. It sounds nothing like the folk versions of this old riddle song. It has a beat that you can shag to, and a doo-wop vocal backing. Does anyone know anything about Jimmy Williams the singer? Is he the same Jimmy Williams who co-wrote "Lover's Question?" Jimmy Williams is such a common name that research is a pain.

By the way, the present off-color slang meaning for "cherry" was not in use when this venerable song was originally written. 

There are some truly bad versions of "I Gave My Love a Cherry." I have never seen the movie "Animal House" but I've read about the scene with the awful folk singer. I don't care for any of the folk versions that I've heard.

I also own a 1963 version by Sam Cooke and an Americana version by the great Doc Watson. The doo-wop version is still my favorite.    
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I recently had to get in contact with customer service, and was routed to a call center in India. The service rep was very nice, but spoke such heavily accented English that I was having serious trouble understanding him. He kept trying to tell me something, and I kept having to ask him to repeat it. Finally, I understood. He was trying to tell me that he couldn't understand me because of my  Southern accent. I had a good laugh, and was eventually routed to someone who could translate Southern Appalachian speech. 
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Most people are familiar with Billy Ward and the Dominoes' classic "Sixty Minute Man."  Answer songs were popular in the fifties, and they released their own answer: "Can't Do Sixty No More."  You can imagine the lyrics. A friend recently had a milestone birthday, and I sent him a copy. Priceless!

Note: Clarence Carter released a gleefully lascivious version of "Sixty Minute Man."  I can only imagine what his version of "Can't Do Sixty No More" would sound like. 
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First of all, an easy-going personality. There's a lot to be said for peace and quiet.

Second, empathy.
Third, a combination of creativity and intelligence. Brains are no good without imagination.

Looking back, all of my boyfriends have been super smart and have had even tempers. Brains make me swoon, but I won't put up with a jerk.

What do you  look for? 


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