Apr. 14th, 2009

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Todd and I were out driving and skimming trough radio stations when we came across yet another one of those talk shows where people call in and embarrass themselves in public. We didn't  listen very long; bad judgement may be contagious. What I want to know is this: How can a person be unable to discuss a problem in an intimate relationship with the intimate partner, yet be able to air it in a public forum? Supposedly, your partner is your closest friend. You're killing the intimate bond every time you go outside the relationship to discuss a private matter.

As for the "I'm too shy to discuss sex with my partner" argument, it's ridiculous. Once you've had intimate relations, it's hard to argue that you're shy. If you have a truly intimate bond, you should feel comfortable discussing sex in a private, loving, adult manner. Talk show hosts, co-workers, and passing aquaintances have no place in these discussions. Only those who are juvenile, attention-starved, or lacking in good judgement go public with intimate matters.
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I've been reading about problems with people reverting to juvenile behavior over differences of opinion. For the record, I don't mind if people disagree with me and sometimes change my mind because of a civil, rational exchange of ideas.  

I don't condone vulgarity and bad manners and fail to see how they advance a cause. It's not rational to insult someone that you're trying to persuade.

Like most people, I am capable of loving and respecting individuals even when I disagree with them on certain points.  If I could only love people who agree with me 100% , then I'd have no one to love.

Actually, if someone agreed with me all of the time, I'd wonder if they were incapable of independent thought or just trying to flatter me. Affirmation from a "yes-man" has no value.

The very fact that someone has taken the time to read your posts is proof that they have honored your right to free speech. This doesn't require them to agree with you, nor does disagreeing with you indicate that they are trying to muzzle you. If you truly honor free speech, you must accept dissenting views.

I won't ban someone who disagrees with me in a civil, intelligent manner, but I would ban someone is vulgar, irrational, and insulting. We only have so much time on this Earth, and I'm not going to waste mine dealing with nasty people.

So far, the vast majority of people I've met on LJ have been wonderful, intelligent, engaging people, and they have enriched my life in many ways. May the trend continue.


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