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The first time I heard this song, I was on my way home after a too-much-of-everything weekend. Driving along an empty highway late at night, I came into range of a beach music station just as the DJ cued "A Quiet Place." It was the perfect song for the occasion. It's nice to be able to hear yourself think once in a while.

"Cry Baby," AKA "Cry Cry Baby,"  was Garnet Mimm's biggest hit. Janis Joplin covered it, but I've never cared for her rough, histrionic version.

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This lovely sentimental oldie is still popular among beach music fans. Knowing that I like the song, a boyfriend once sent me a love note with just a few words: "I love you 1000 times." I couldn't help myself; I asked if he'd be willing to write that 1000 times.
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There is a R&B/ Doo-Wop version of "I Gave My Love a Cherry" by Jimmy Williams. It sounds nothing like the folk versions of this old riddle song. It has a beat that you can shag to, and a doo-wop vocal backing. Does anyone know anything about Jimmy Williams the singer? Is he the same Jimmy Williams who co-wrote "Lover's Question?" Jimmy Williams is such a common name that research is a pain.

By the way, the present off-color slang meaning for "cherry" was not in use when this venerable song was originally written. 

There are some truly bad versions of "I Gave My Love a Cherry." I have never seen the movie "Animal House" but I've read about the scene with the awful folk singer. I don't care for any of the folk versions that I've heard.

I also own a 1963 version by Sam Cooke and an Americana version by the great Doc Watson. The doo-wop version is still my favorite.    


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