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Jul. 23rd, 2009 11:11 pm
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Somebody set out a small black cat that I never could catch to take to a spay appointment. I tried trapping her and caught a possum, a raccoon, and a chihuahua before I finally gave up. She had 3 kittens, one of which was killed by dogs. The surviving kittens are living the good life, which includes naps on comfy blankets. Momma Kitty is much tamer since having her babies, so I'll be able to get her spayed soon. 
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About a year ago, I had 2 seal point cats spayed. Both of them were indoor-outdoor cats and eventually disappeared. I was especially upset over Miss Lillian, one of my special pets.

A few months ago, a female seal point showed up next door at my sister's. She wasn't an exact match for either of the missing kitties. My neighbor Charlotte took her home, but she wouldn't stay. Crystal definitely didn't want the cat, so I brought it home with me and Moma named her Sassafras. Sassafras immediately bonded with me. I wondered if she was already spayed because she wasn't pregnant and didn't go into heat. I made a spay appointment a couple of weeks back, explaining that the kitty might already be spayed. Well, she was spayed and had the green tattoo that my vet puts on animals that they spay or neuter. Miss Lillian is back! She looks a little different, but they tell me that she was a young cat, and natural aging could've deepened the color of her blue eyes and darkened her coat a bit.

She refuses to answer to Sassafras, but responds to Miss Lillian. Has to be her! 

BTW, Miss Lillian is probably the only cat ever named after the namesake of an heirloom tomato.

Her favorite things are playing, eating, lying on top of the computer mouse and growling at anyone who tries to use it, walking on the keyboard, and shedding. For the rest of her nine lives, she'll sleep on my bed.
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Sassafras the cat is shedding, and it reminds me of the most ridiculous gift I ever received-a vacuum cleaner attachment/comb designed to vacuum the loose hair as you comb a cat. The guy who bought this for me knew absolutely nothing about cats, except that they shed. Had it not been cruelty to felines, I would've invited him to try to get near one of my cats with a vacuum cleaner. 
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People dump so many cats here that I sometimes get behind on the spaying and neutering. It doesn't help that I have a neighbor with a tomcat. Outside my window, these lascivious beasts carry on all night. I told a buddy that all that yowling translated as "Guess what-we're making kittens!" He disagreed; according to him, the cats are proclaiming "We're having more fun than you are!" 

With their public displays of affection and sexual braggadocio, cats would make fabulous rap stars. Just picture the videos... 

Live it up, Kitties-I have spay appointments for you next Thursday.  


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