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We went to a farm and garden center to pick up supplies Friday. They had some month old chicks, so Mama bought Eric another 3 Australorp pullets and 2 Partridge Rock pullets. He also has a hen sitting on a small clutch of eggs, so his flock keeps expanding.

I've never grown Strike bush beans, so I bought a pound of seeds for a test run. I was going to buy some extra Derby bean seeds, but they were too expensive at $6.95 for half a pound. They're much cheaper at Twilley Seed. No matter how much I'd like to buy local, I have a tight budget this year.

Miesha put on a show at the farm supply, running around wild and embarrassing us all. I'm setting limits with her, but I don't expect overnight results. Her Daddy lets her get by with everything, as does Mama. Beverly is often impatient with her, which never gets good results.

I'd love to talk to my Grandma Walker and ask her how she managed to be so patient with children, never getting flustered and always being consistent. Daddy was the same way, while Mama had a bad temper and had no patience at all. Naturally, she's too patient with Miesha, who is the first human she's ever been patient with in her life.
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I read a couple of posts that reminded me of raising chickens during my teenage years. My favorite chicken story-yep, I gotta fav chicken story-involves an avowed Christian lady from the big city who moved into the neighborhood. She saw my chickens do what comes naturally to chickens and assumed that I'd taught the chickens to dance and ride each other piggyback. I'm serious. She told my cousin about her preposterous theory, and he told her what the chickens were actually up to. Offended and alarmed, she came to my house and told me to teach the chickens to mate in private. Yes, I was supposed to teach the chickens to have sex inside the coop, away from her prying eyes, lest I go to Hell over the amorous display that the birds were putting on. To this day, I burst out laughing if I see her in public. I'm not trying to be rude; I can't help myself.


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