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Another one for Dean's list.

It's a highway song, you sing it on and on, on and on
Highway song is as lonely as the road I'm on
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With loud guitars and the pedal to the floor, "Flirtin' with Disaster" is a great addition to Dean's playlist. Both Dean and Charlie would appreciate Molly Hatchet's taste in heroic fantasy art. This album cover is by Frank Frazetta.

I'm travelin' down the road,
and I'm flirtin' with disaster.
I've got the pedal to the floor,
My life is runnin' faster.

Speeding down the fast lane,
Playin’ from town to town.
The boys and I have been burnin’ it up,
Can’t seem to slow it down.
I’ve got the pedal to the floor,
Our lives are runnin’ faster,
Got our sights set straight ahead,
But ain’t sure what we’re after.
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Although Dean's favorite music is classic '7os rock, his propensity for hanging out in bars, juke joints, and honky-tonks, plus the fact that he has been down South, despite his apparent preference for colder climes, leads me to believe that he's aware of Blackberry Smoke. The name is perfect for a long-haired Southern rock band with a little blues and country thrown in. The guitars and attitude would appeal to Dean, as well as the references to loud music, whiskey, kicking ass, authority problems, and-ahem-twins.

Cause I’m restless
I’m sleepless
on this quest I must go
out here searchin’
for somethin’
what it is I don’t know
might have to find it under my headstone
yes I’m restless
and I won’t rest till the restless is gone
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Sasha_dragon posted her #1 song for Dean on Supernatural: Queen's "I'm in Love with My Car." It was an excellent pick. Please post your suggestions for Dean's Romance with the Impala and the Road Playlist or Sam's Forbidden Emo Playlist.

I know that some of you aren't Supernatural fans, but I'd still love to see a playlist for one of your favorite characters from any media.

Rhodielady, I know that you watch Grimm. May I suggest a Monroe playlist? I love Monroe!

Eqfe, I know that you can build a great playlist, and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

I've posted "Big Log" before, but it's perfect for Dean and the road. There's no way that he could pass up Robert Plant and lyrics like this:
Cue the 80s video! Please control yourself, Cinnamonbite.

My love is in league with the freeway
It's passion will ride, as the cities fly by
And the tail-lights dissolve, in the coming of night
And the questions in thousands take flight
My love is the miles and the waiting
The eyes that just stare, and a glance at the clock
And the secret that burns, and the pain that won't stop
And its fuel is the years
Leading me on
Leading me down the road
Driving me on, driving me down the road


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