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We went to a farm and garden center to pick up supplies Friday. They had some month old chicks, so Mama bought Eric another 3 Australorp pullets and 2 Partridge Rock pullets. He also has a hen sitting on a small clutch of eggs, so his flock keeps expanding.

I've never grown Strike bush beans, so I bought a pound of seeds for a test run. I was going to buy some extra Derby bean seeds, but they were too expensive at $6.95 for half a pound. They're much cheaper at Twilley Seed. No matter how much I'd like to buy local, I have a tight budget this year.

Miesha put on a show at the farm supply, running around wild and embarrassing us all. I'm setting limits with her, but I don't expect overnight results. Her Daddy lets her get by with everything, as does Mama. Beverly is often impatient with her, which never gets good results.

I'd love to talk to my Grandma Walker and ask her how she managed to be so patient with children, never getting flustered and always being consistent. Daddy was the same way, while Mama had a bad temper and had no patience at all. Naturally, she's too patient with Miesha, who is the first human she's ever been patient with in her life.
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Looking for a house on the North Carolina coast? This is the best deal you'll ever find. Gorgeous 2,430 square foot home with a half acre of land in Sea Level, NC with extensive water frontage on Core Sound just across from Drum Inlet for $300,000. Open, airy floor plan with great views of the water. 3 bedrooms 2 baths on the first floor, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and a bonus room on the 2nd floor. Large covered porch for sitting in the ocean breeze as you look out over the water. This house meets or exceeds all coastal building codes. It sits on 10 foot pilings. Built in 2004, it looks new inside and out. Appliances and some furnishings included. Private dock with boat slip. Plenty of parking-the house sits at the end of the road. You can also park cars under the deck or store boats and jet skis there. The Core Banks and Cape Lookout National Seashore are right across the Sound, so you can leave the private dock and set out to spend a day on the Outer Banks, where you can explore old shipwrecks, check out the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, and play in the sand and water. Great fishing, crabbing, clamming, hunting, and bird watching, as well as swimming, boating, bodyboarding, and more. Close to Cedar Island Ferry and even more access to the Outer Banks. Also close to the Intracoastal Waterway with sailing, canoeing, and kayaking. All of the advantages of a rural area within 30 minutes of Beaufort, NC, voted one of the top ten small towns in America. Beaufort, the old haunt of the infamous pirate Blackbeard, has a historic waterfront, great dining, lots of activities, and plenty of walking and biking trails. The town sponsors wonderful holiday events, including its famous Christmas Boat Parade. If you want to go to a bigger town, Morehead City is 45 minutes to an hour away. This would be a fantastic primary residence, vacation home, rental property, or investment. There's nothing else like it on the market, especially at this price. Contact me or call Wanda at 336-667-3343. Please share this post and help someone find their dream home. PM for contact info. Sorry for taking up so much space on your LJ-LJ cut is acting up again.

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Crystal is still on the road with her boyfriend Linwood. Momma, Eric, and I are still in charge of Beverly,15, and Clayton,12.

Clayton has been out of school with strep throat. I hope that none of the rest of us catch it.

Crystal failed to sign the release papers for me to talk to teachers and counselors at Beverly's school. Bev is super intelligent, but is having some trouble at school. I've told Crystal that parents have to get in there and fight for their child or the child won't get the support that she needs, but Crystal says that it is up to Beverly to ask for help. This just demonstrates Crystal's ignorance of the way the school system works and her unwillingness to put forth a little effort on Bev's part.

I hesitated to poke my nose in Crystal's business, but I finally offered to find Beverly a counselor, tutors, etc. and provide transportation to the counselor and tutor, as well as paying any expenses incurred. Crystal agreed, but never signed the release. "I'm tired today." "I have to go somewhere with Linwood." "I don't feel like it." This crap is why so many children fall by the wayside. People are willing to help, but the parents' lack of urgency dooms their efforts.

The high school had a prom tonight and Beverly went. Her older half-sister bought the dress, and we took her to the beauty parlor. I 'm a little nervous about the whole deal, although Momma OK'd it. Beverly is a freshman, and her date is a junior. Despite the fact that she is double-dating with her older cousin and his date, I'm not too happy. I wish that Daddy and my stepfather Chelsie were here; I trusted their judgement more than I ever have Momma's. 
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My new nephew was born yesterday at 3:10 pm. He weighs 8lb,1oz and is 21 and a half inches long.
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My Aunt Wanda says, "Don't shake the family tree; you never know what will fall out!" I just read an article about people who are getting genetic testing to find out about about their ancestry and are getting some wild surprises. A lot of people's paternity is different than that in official records. This is why some American Indian tribes trace the family line through the mother.

Years ago, many people kept adoption secret, so that may account for some of these surprises. 

Big Day

Mar. 3rd, 2009 11:32 pm
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My brother Eric came home from the hospital today. Several years ago, he had to have a stent implanted in his heart. A second cardiac vessel has narrowed since then, and he had to have a second stent. I'm just glad that they found it in time.

I've sold all of my columbines, cardinal flowers, rudbeckia, and hibiscus- even the ones that I intended to keep for myself. All of these were 2-year plants started last season. I've developed a good market for the second year plants because people are getting great results with them. Time to get to work on this year's crop.

I visited my friend Ty's  orchard. He has 400 more trees to plant, 700 more to trellis, and umpteen rootstocks to graft. He showed me his new chip-budding device-very nice! There's 13-15 inches of snow in the orchard, but it's supposed to get up to 68 degress F on Friday, and 73 on Saturday and Sunday. He'll be in the mud, and I'll be shoveling horse manure for my compost pile. Fun-here we come!   


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