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There was a little misunderstanding about my previous post on an irritating grammatical error frequently made by educated(?) people who should supposedly know better. I'm irritated at people like English teachers and Ivy League basketball players who make these errors in highly public speeches, not bloggers like you.

The reason that I find this error so annoying in English teachers and students at elite colleges is that they're trying to sound educated without really being educated. These people look down their noses at those with less formal education, yet their speech reveals that they didn't benefit from the education that they're so proud of.

Don't worry about making an error in your posts; posts are often wonderfully spontaneous. Anyhow, I can't nitpick because I'm the queen of typos and misspell a word every now and then. Sometimes I forget some of the trickier punctuation rules-most of us do. We're not writing a term paper here.

I never said that I was perfect-or claim to be an English professor!
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I'm not anal about proper grammar and frequently post in colloquial English. However, I can't stand it when someone says "give it to Todd and I" or "do this for Todd and I." It's "give it to Todd and me" and "do this for Todd and me."  Think: You say "give it to me"  and "do this for me."   Even if you add another person, me is still the correct form.

When someone says "give it to Todd and I" they sound like an ignorant person trying to sound intelligent.

Surprisingly, the last 6 people I've heard make this mistake all had college degrees, and 5 of them were school teachers.  


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