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Mar. 29th, 2009 08:49 pm
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I took Beverly and Allison driving again today. This time, they both got to go on the same trip. They were excited because I let them drive me around for over 2 hours.

I took Beverly and Allison to visit Duck, Jeannette, and family. They got to explore Duck's fish ponds and hold Renee's baby rabbits.

In preparation for the upcoming summer, Todd bought a used BMW convertible. He says that he wants to see my curly hair standing on end again.

The BMW reminded me of a strange sight that I saw on my commute to work several years ago. A man in a new BMW convertible with a tan leather interior pulled up beside me at a stoplight in Lenoir. The top was down, and he had a walk behind lawnmower on the backseat.  Yes, a push mower on all that lovely leather. Maybe he was the lawncare guy to the stars! 
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I have 2 younger sisters and they each have a 15 year old daughter. Today, I took Crystal's daughter Beverly on a 2 hour driving lesson. I let her drive on some of the curviest, hilliest roads that I could find, and she did great. I want her to learn how to drive these roads with someone by her side, so she'll be able to handle them later. We had a fine time. 

If you have read my earlier posts, you know that my sister Julie and her husband Mark won't let their children out of their sight. Guess what? Out of the blue, Mark agreed to let me take Allison driving this evening! I told her to get in the car before Julie found out! It was a lot of fun, and  Allison was very relaxed because I'm very laid-back and don't get upset if she makes mistakes. Julie gets uptight and fusses.

Before I left with each of the girls, I told them that I wouldn't get mad, even if they dented the car or something. It made them feel more secure. I also told them that there was no way to scare me-anyone who will ride in a car while my mother drives has no fear. I'm serious; they should make a horror movie about being trapped in a car driven by my mother.


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