Aug. 21st, 2009 09:08 pm
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I went to school until 11 this morning, then helped Duck and Jeannette pick and string a couple of bushels of beans. We enjoyed sitting on the porch and talking while we strung the beans. It was a beautiful day with sunshine and fluffy white clouds, so I drove around around admiring the scenery after i ate a late luch with Duck and Jeannette. I finally went home and did some chores. I was watching the evening news when I looked outside and saw the rainbow.  We see a lot of rainbows here, but the thrill never fades. I grabbed my new camera, but I haven't had time to practice, so the shots aren't all that great. cinnamonbite should've been here to take pics. 



Nap time

Jul. 23rd, 2009 11:11 pm
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Somebody set out a small black cat that I never could catch to take to a spay appointment. I tried trapping her and caught a possum, a raccoon, and a chihuahua before I finally gave up. She had 3 kittens, one of which was killed by dogs. The surviving kittens are living the good life, which includes naps on comfy blankets. Momma Kitty is much tamer since having her babies, so I'll be able to get her spayed soon. 
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I went to the creek today to gather sand and rock for some gardening projects. I found some native fresh water mussel shells. Some species are endangered because they can only survive in pristine waters. Older relatives tell of times past when the mussels were so plentiful that they were gathered and eaten like oysters. The mussel species frequently have folksy names like "Carolina Heel-splitter." 

I took this pic in low light to test my new camera.

The mussel shells in a bucket of sand and pebbles.


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