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Most of the people spreading outrageous rumors about the health care reform bill haven't read it or even know its proper name: H. R. 3200 America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009. Perhaps the wildest urban legend about this bill is that the bill contains a directive for putting Granny to sleep. This is NOT true. 

If Froma Harrop's article doesn't convince you, then read H. R. 3200, Section 1233 for yourself:Section 1233 under the cut )

There is nothing wrong with drafting a living will or being informed about end-of-life issues. Strangely enough, the very people who attack science education are the ones who embrace the modern practice of keeping the body "alive" via machinery long after the mind is gone. Personally, I wouldn't want to bankrupt my family or society because I chose not to draft a will making my wishes known. However, people who feel otherwise about extraordinary measures to extend life beyond brain death are free to draft a document to that effect. It's an act of consideration for your loved ones to give them instructions in case of emergency.

There are many legitimate problems with this bill, and it's imperative that we address these, so I don't understand why Republicans feel the need to resort to outrageous lies any more than I understand why people who have no idea what the bill actually says choose to parrot what they've read on the internet or heard on partisan television instead of simply reading the legislation for themselves. 

Congressional bills can be found at the Library of Congress website or in the Congressional Record.


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