Mar. 12th, 2009

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I read a newspaper article that said that the new premium vinyl is becoming trendy  among young music collectors. There was a discussion about the difference in sound quality between analog and digital. I agree that the analog has a warmer sound with more depth. I frequently hear old favorites of mine in digital form for the first time and am disappointed. Older singles were engineered to sound good on the record players of their era and something is lost in the transition to digital. Among others, Sun and Bluebird recordings really should be experienced on vinyl.

I love the easy storage and transportabilty of digital, but I'll always have some vinyl and not just because I'm a dinosaur. 
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I bought another dahlia today-Uncle Henry, a white & fuschia blend.

When you buy dahlias before the last frost date, you may find that they're already sprouting or that they're dangerously dry. The thing to do is pot the dahlias and put them in a warm place until you can plant them outside. It's safer to harden them off before planting in the garden. Just put dirt and all in the hole. Done.  

I place my potted dahlias under the benches in the greenhouse.

Tip: All bulbs like bone meal. The big box stores offer only little bags, but it's much cheaper in the 20-lb bags available at agricultural supplies.


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