Mar. 11th, 2009

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My friend Dick left early this morning to return home to Colby, Wisconsin. I'm gonna miss him.

I weeded my columbine bed. The plants have all come back for another year.

It was a beautiful day-80 degrees and sunny-so naturally I had an afternoon doctor's appointment.

The Doc gave me a scrip for prenatal vitamins because of a deficiency. (I'm not pregnant.) Nosy Nellie saw me pick up the prenatal vitimins and was dying to ask, so I told her that I was expecting twins. She has an intense love of gossip and brains that she has no idea how to use. (You can't call her mentally challenged; she could think if she wanted to.) Breathless with new gossip, Nellie called my aunt to inquire about the father. (Hey, she should've asked me; I would've been very creative and as shocking as possible.) My aunt immediately realized that I'd baited Nellie and burst out laughing. Nell isn't a popular gal.

My brother Kent's cat has an abcessed paw, and he was unwilling to spend the money, so I took the cat and footed the bill. I couldn't stand worrying about the poor thing.

I washed the 2 cat carriers that I foolishly lent to irresponsible people and gave Momma's dog a bath. In the morning, several critters have spay appointments.

Not a very exciting day.

It's only supposed to get up to 45 tomorrow.


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